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  • SIIT Survey on Fresh Graudate's Information - Academic Year 2015 : All SIIT graduates (Bachelor, Master, Dotoral) must do this survey within 29 October 2016. The print-out form must be submitted to SIIT on Sat. 29 October 2016 (1st Rehearsal of TU Graduation Ceremony at SIIT Rangsit). Any inquiries, contact p'Mew TEL: (+66) 80-785-2507 Office hours

PR all scholarship application, sem 2nd/2016
Applications for SIIT Undergraduate Scholarships, Sem. 2nd/2016
  • SIIT Scholarships for Students with Good Academic Performance and Good Conduct (GAC), Sem. 2nd/2016 [Download Application ] updateIcon1
  • SIIT Scholarships for Students with Outstanding Activity Performances (OAP), Sem. 2nd/2016 [Download Application] updateIcon1
PR application Needy 2nd/2016
  • SIIT Awards for Students Who Have Contributed to SIIT Reputation (CSR) - Academic Year 2015 [Recipients]
  • SIIT Academic Excellent Awards 2015 [Recipients]

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