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Activity Transcript

:: How to obtain an official "Activity Transcript"

1. Always record the activity transactions by signing your name and student ID in the namelist sheet (as an organizer/staff or a participant) of each activity, or register with an online registration system (if any).
2. Make a request for the "Activity Transcript" from http://reg.siit.tu.ac.th
3. Pay the fee of 50 Bath/issue at the SIIT Finance & Budget Division (Rangsit Campus or Bangkadi Campus)
4. Normally, it will take at least 3 days to issue the Activity Transcript.
Contact the SIIT Student Affairs and Alumni Relations (SA&AR Div.) to receive your Activity Transcript(s) at SA&AR Division (Rangsit Office).

Make a request for an official "Activity Transcript" from http://reg.siit.tu.ac.th

:: The Fee

- 50 Baht per issue for the Official Activity Transcriptctivity Transcript"
Free of charge for the unofficial issue (for SIIT internal use only, such as the one attaches to the SIIT scholarship application)
- Pay the fee at SIIT Finance Division, Rangsit or Bangkadi campuses (office hours).

:: How important of the "Activity Transcript"

The Activity Transcript can be used as the supporting document (some required, some optional) when the student need to apply for:
- SIIT Scholarship for Student Who have Contributed to Society and/or SIIT Reputation
- SIIT Scholarship for Student with Good Academic Preformance and Good Conduct
- SIIT Scholarship for Student with Financial Needs
- Scholarships for Futher Study (Study in Thailand, Study Abroad)
- Practical Training /Summer Training
- Job/Career

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