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Updated on May 24, 2008


Lockers of SIIT Students

Institute Policies on the Use of Locker:

:: :: A student can use just one locker as requested until the day of graduation or the day of student’s status ended.

:: :: The locker must be locked by the student's “padlock” (not allowed to use the institute’s built-in key).

:: :: The locker must be locked within 1 week, otherwise the locker will be locked by our staff and the student's right for using that locker will be revoked.

:: :: Not allow for changing a locker without contact to staff of Student Affairs Division.

:: :: Student must inform SIIT Student Affairs Division for any changes of student’s information such as student’s status, student’s ID (case of External Student turned to Internal Student, or re-entry), student’s name and/or surname, and etc.

Student can use a locker at SIIT Rangsit (or Bangkadi) start on the next 2 days after the date of request.


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